Name Make Model Fit In Stock Price
Bix’N Andy Bix n Andy Competition Rem style 2 $775.00
Bix’N Andy Bix n Andy Tac Sport Pro - Single Stage Rem with bolt release / safety 3 $550.00
Bix’N Andy Bix'N Andy Tac Sport Pro - LH Rem LH 1 $550.00
Briley Trigger Adaptor Anschutz 5018 to Rem Remington 1 $175.00
Jewell BR Jewell BR 1.5oz Rem style 7 $425.00
Jewell HVR Jewell HVR 2oz to 4lb Rem style 4 $435.00
Jewell HVR-BS Jewell HVR- Bottom Safety Rem style 5 $510.00
Jewell HVR-TSBR Jewell HVR Top Safety and Bolt Release Rem style - right hand 2 $535.00

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