Gunsmithing Services and FAQs...

My primary market is in accurate rifles, predominantly bolt action target rifles. I regularly do work for hunters and range shooters with the majority of work for benchrest, F-class and long range.

How much will it cost?

Please consider the expense and be sure to obtain an estimate or quote before deciding on a course of work. With a lot of sporting rifles the cost of work will not add to the value of the firearm and may not be economical. Unusual cartridges and calibres can incur considerable expense in dies and brass. Whilst we endeavour to keep costs to a minimum certain factors can rapidly increase expenses - such as

  • changing the specifications once the job has started
  • requesting non standard components
  • requiring custom reamers or tools
  • unusual barrel specs such as profile, twist, grooves etc
  • one time export / import permits
  • calling regularly to check on progress - this can blow things out of the water!
What barrel brand?
How long does it take?
Can I change my mind?
Action trueing?
Reamers , calibers etc?
Recommendations and guidance?
Imports and Custom Components?
Preferred Components