Bartlein Barrels

I’m planning on placing a Bartlein barrel order soon.
Expected delivery will be late this year.

Let me know if there is anything out of the ordinary you want or you are welcome to place firm orders with deposit and lock in your requirement.

At this point they are not accepting orders for 17, 20, 22RF or large cals.


4 thoughts on “Bartlein Barrels”

    • Email me through the contact page if you are still looking – hoping to place a Bartlein order soon.


  1. Hello I am considering placing an order for some Bartlien Barrels. What I am thinking I want is a 26 inch 4R in both 9 and 10 inch twist also 30-32 inch 4R in both 9 and 10 inch twist. I am unsure about the contour if any and if they should be fluted. All barrels to be in SS and to be for Remington 700 Action. It may be easier just to get them all in full length blanks and then cut down here when I have made firmer decisions.

    Best Regards
    David Wallace

    • David

      Sorry I missed this – I may place an order for Bartlein in the next few weeks – lead time approx 6 to 8 months.
      Are you still looking for barrels?
      Email me through the contact page.


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