Quality components, equipment, accessories and gun-smithing for target and accuracy based rifles.

Our main objective is building and rebarrelling target rifles - namely Benchrest, Fly and F Class - but we also carry a large range of components and consumables for general sale. Please note we only offer gunsmithing services for WA customers - although we are happy to sell components outside of WA. Please keep in mind all licensable items must ship to a dealer or armourer. (barrels, actions etc)

Due to the ever increasing difficulty of obtaining goods from the US (permits, shipping, clearance etc) we are no longer offering a custom ordering service or fixed prices for buy ins. We will try but cannot guarantee to hold estimated pricing and now require deposits for anything outside of our stock lines. We still bring in a wide range of components but will only list these once they have arrived and pricing is firm.

Email is the preferred contact method or visit our Contact Page.

Due to workload commitments I only take calls or see visitors after 12:30pm WST, but can make arrangements outside of this if necessary.

As of July 2019 we are closed Mondays.

Phone: +61 8 9472 3067


Western Australian Licence Numbers

  • Dealer - 09993772
  • Repairer - 09995342
  • Manufacturer - 09995101